Nearly there

OK… It’s now the equivalent of… maybe 2am Sydney time. This means I woke up 24 hours ago from a 3 hour sleep. Since then I reckon I’ve dozed off a total of 90 minutes. I am exhausted… but at least we arrive in Dublin in a little over 3 hours.

The trip has been so much fun so far. I think I had a few too many espresso martinis – the flight attendants knew to get the next drink ready when they saw me approaching the bar in my first flight lol.

I also have a feeling all that caffeine has kept me from enjoying a good sleep. Oh well – hopefully I’ll fall straight asleep tonight and spend tomorrow recovering and adjusting to Irish time.

In my tired (and tipsy) state, I accidentally left my 4TB hard drive on the first leg of the trip 🙁 I really hope they find it and are able to get it back to me. Something else to bloody worry about now when I get to Dublin.

Anyway. I wonder if anybody will be at Clongowes to let me in tonight lol. I have a genuine fear that I’m going to be stuck outside and will need to organise somewhere to sleep. Oh well… if that is the case, it’ll all be part of a great big adventure.

I’m exhausted. Clarence is exhausted. Maybe I can sleep for a couple of hours now….


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