My second trip to London was far better than the debacle of being stuck in Heathrow last week overnight. This time round I was only staying for one night before moving on to Paris (where I am right now).

So I flew in from Shannon airport to Heathrow and caught the underground straight to Vauxhall. I had to change over at Green Park but the carriage was so full of passengers I didn’t reverb try to get out with all my luggage. Instead I waited it out till I got to Kings Cross station and changed there.

When I finally got to my hotel I had time to freshen up and get ready to meet Katherine Stewart at 7pm.

Waiting for her at the station I heard some commotion. I turned and saw a couple of young-ish junkies giving an old man a hard time (and he was giving it right back to them) and then the lady pushed him down. I started to walk over to help him up and the security arrived, followed shortly by the police. A pretty shitty scene that just added to my increasing dislike of over-populated cities.

Katherine finally arrived on time and we have each other a big and a few moments to get over the surreal reality that we were in London together. Up to that point our friendship was very much limited to me going to the cafe and Katherine making the coffee I was purchasing.

We walked along the Thames for a while, grabbing an (average) coffee along the way.

Dinner was delightful – Kath and I finally had an opportunity to have a real conversation and, I think, we really enjoyed each other’s company.

We walked and talked some more after dinner on our way back to Vauxhall.

We drank a half pint each of beer and said our goodbyes. I’ll see her again on a week back in Sydney.

So that’s about it for my trip to London this time round! The next morning my hotel’s fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate – pretty annoying but, hey, I’m on holidays…

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